California Stars Soccer Club 2019 – 2020 Handbook for Coaches/Administrators

All California Stars Soccer Club Teams playing in Coast Soccer League Fall, must have their team applications completed and turned in to the California Stars Soccer Club representative with the appropriate fees on or before May 10, 2019.

Note about Coast Soccer League (CSL) Fees and California Stars Soccer Club Player Registration Fees: Each team must submit a check payable to California Stars Soccer Club (NOT CSL) for their CSL League Fees & Bond where appropriate. The California Stars as a Club sends in all the applications to CSL and one (1) Club check for all the applications. Team applications will go online April 01, 2019 on the CSL web site at: Everything you need to know about this process will be there with directions for you to follow.

CSL League Fees: $450
Bond for new teams: $150

If your team can not submit a completed minimum player roster and disbands by July 20, 2019 then CSL league fees will be refunded, however the bond is not refundable. Teams who compete in CSL may request a refund of the bond paid, after league games are completed.

Cal Stars Player Club Membership Fee is $90.00 per year per player and is due on time of player registration. The Club player fee is not refundable.

Any additional player fees necessary for team operations are at the discretion of the each team. These fees are to be collected, held and allocated by the team administrator.

 Player Registration:

To complete your player registration you would need the following:

  1. File of scanned picture of your player.
  2. File of scanned original birth certificate or passport
  3. Player First and Last Name
  4. Parents names
  5. Address
  6. School name and grade
  7. Phone
  8. Email
  9. Credit card to pay player registration fee

When you complete online players registration, print the forms and have parent/guardian to sign and then together with the original birth certificates, copies of them and fee of $90 per player take or mail to Cal Stars Registrar who will issue you Player Cards and stamped Player Reg. forms. The registrar will return you original birth certificates immediately. If player’s parents complete their kids online registration themselves then it’s not needed to print and sign forms or take  birth certificate to Cal Stars Registrar. For that reason we recommend to give each parent player registration online link to complete their kid registration.

If your team is going to play in Coast Soccer League you would need to register a minimum of 7 players for teams U10 and below and 11 players for teams U11 and up, by the end of August, 2019. After initial registration you can add any new player to your team at any time during the year.

When you need to add a player to your team follow the same procedure as when you registered your whole team. Players that are not registered to another club team can be added at any time to your team as long as your roster has space. From September 1st to the end of November is roster freeze period and during that time players can not be transferred from one to another club. Also during State Cup or National Cup, players can not be added after the roster freeze date through the end of State Cup. Please note that these dates are posted at:

Coach/Administrator Registration:
Coaches and Administrators are selected within or by each team and are required to complete a Program Coach/Administrator Online Registration.

CYSA-S and the Coast Soccer League require all coaches and team administrators to have a laminated USYSA Coaches/Risk Management Pass registering them to their club (just like the Player Member ID Passes). Coaches are required to have this pass in order to COACH an entire game, start a game, or continue a game.

It is SUGGESTED and ADVISED, but not required, to have at least two people associated with the team that would have this documentation…or a team may get someone else from their Club/League with such documentation to help coach their team if needed. This is to prevent the forfeiture of games for not having the proper credentialed administrator on the sideline at all times. Administrator Pass Requirements:

  1. Complete a CYSA Administrator Registration Form
  2. All administrators must complete RISK MANAGEMENT REGSITRATION (Live Scan fingerprinting) in order to obtain an Administrator pass

Please see for Coaches Clinics and Risk Management certification, explanation, times and locations.

Cal South’s Coaching Credential Requirements:

  1. Complete a Coaching Clinic for an E License or higher with Cal South.
  2. Complete their RISK MANAGEMENT REGSITRATION (Live Scan fingerprinting)

Go to or contact Cal South, if you have any questions regarding Coaching Certification Clinics or Coaching Licenses.

Releasing a Player:
When a player decides to leave your team, you or player parent need to login to player profile and initiate  a Player Release/transfer. DO NOT leave inactive players on your roster. Once a player is registered to your team, the only way to remove them from the roster is by completing a Player Release process. It does not matter how long it has been since they showed up for practice or games, they are registered to your team until a Release is completed, or the new season begins.

Player Transfer:
When a player wants to leave another team and come to your team, his/hers parents must initiate Online Player Release and Transfer Request. NOTE: Transfers cannot happen during the Roster Freeze period. If a player wants to leave your team and go to another team, the same Player Release and Transfer Request must be initiated by player’s parents. Coach or team Administrator cannot refuse to release a player from his/her team.

Referee’s fees:
Referees will need to be paid for all League Games, League Cup games and State Cup games (approximately 20 games total). These fees need to be paid to the referees by the team in cash prior to each game. Referees fee per game vary for each age group. Check for the fees that apply to your team’s age group. It is team’s responsibility to collect these referee fees from their players.

Tournament fees:
It is the individual team administrator and coach discretion which tournaments to enter. Most Tournament fees are anywhere from $400 to $1.200 per team, per tournament. It is the team administrator/coach discretion how these fees should be divided and collected from team members. It is highly recommended to play League Cup and State or National Cup Tournaments. A list of CYSA-S approved tournaments can be found at:

Coaches fees:
Each club team may have a volunteer or paid coach or trainer. Coach’s fees are individually negotiated between the team and the coach and can be collected from players on monthly or yearly basis. It is up to each individual team to decide if the team will hire a paid coach.

Uniforms or kits:
Any brand and style may be used as long as it complies with CYSA-S Uniform rules. Suggested Team Uniform Kit includes: two numbered home and away game jerseys, two numbered practice t-shirts, two shorts (one for practice/ one for games), four pair of socks, sweatshirt, warm up suit, bag.

Player Recruiting:
Coach/Administrator chooses their players and submits a roster for their team to Coast Soccer League, or tournament they choose to play.

Team scheduling:
It is the team Coach or Administrator’s duty to schedule and run team practices and games, register team for competitions such League Cup, National/State Cup, tournaments and other official and unofficial games.

Team Coach/Administrator should convey to players and parents that they represent Cal Stars SC organization and that their conduct is a direct reflection of the club, Coast Soccer League, CYSA-S and its’ directors. Players, parents and coaches are to always show respect, courtesy and good sportsmanship toward fellow teammates, coaches and administrators, opposing coaches, administrators, referees, opposing players and opposing spectators.

Any fines incurred as a result of misconduct or failure to comply with CSL and CYSA-S rules by a team under the control of their head coach/administrator will be the responsibility of the team Coach/Administrator.