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Welcome to California Stars Soccer Club/Cal South League of Registration. The mission of California Stars Soccer Club is to provide year round club competition for youth soccer players, in a positive learning environment.

The official name of this organization is California Stars Soccer Club. The Club is a CYSA-South League of registration district 4 and is a non-profit corporation with 501(c) (3) status. Cal Stars teams compete in the Coast Soccer League, State and National Cup, CYSA-S sanctioned tournaments and US Club Soccer.

California Stars Soccer Club individual player club membership fee $90.00 per player per year; due at player registration.

.*Teams are responsible for its own operational costs.

* California Stars Soccer Club can provide, for an additional cost, added assistance such as Professional Coaching, Team Clinics, Individual and Group Player Training, (technical, conditioning and goalkeeping) Coaching Clinics for assisting coaches with tactical, technical and physical aspects of the game. Any team in need of any of these added services should contact club personnel for information and scheduling.

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California Stars Soccer Club

Zoran Lomic ____________________________________________ Date ____________________________ President